About Us

We are Restored!

Plain and simple, we are a part of this thing because we need it.  As you look across our team and church family, you will see welcoming people that have been broken and torn down by this life.  But they have also been, and are in the process of being, restored by the power of Christ.  We are, by no means, perfect and this is in no way is a perfect church.

There is this term we use a lot deemed "embracing hypocrisy".  We've all heard people talk about church folk and say things like, "all people in church are hypocrites."  You know what?  We agree 100%!  We are hypocrites because we all fall short of the glory of God on our own; we are sinners and we mess up.  That's why we need Jesus and that's why you need Him.  We are not pushing anyone away with judgment.  We, too, are guilty.  Jesus makes us new and changes lives and we can do that together through Him. God has created you for a purpose and that purpose is to give Him Glory as He restores you from the inside out. There is an amazing life for those who will follow the will of the Lord and His heart, and together we are learing how to heal and how to be used for the Kingdom of God. 

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