The purpose of our life in Jesus Christ is missions. Whether its reaching our neighbors, friends and families, our communities and cities, the regions and nations, we have been commissioned by Jesus to reach the lost and make disciples. The heart cry of Restored Missions is to equip the entire body of Christ to GO into every area of the earth and fulfill that commission.

At the core of Restored missions is our calling and dedication to community evangelism and church planting. Everything we do is with the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God through training, equipping and sending disciples out to the hurting and broken, to plant churches and to strengthen the church body they belong to.

Missionally this is an exciting time as Short Term Missions are available locally, nationally, and into the nations. We have also launched several house churches and look forward to planting many more. We also offer our neighborhood Giving Center that provides a free Medical Clinic and food pantry for families in need. 

If you are interested in Restored Mission or if you have any questions please contact us. 

Click these links to go to: World Mandate | Giving Center | Short Term Trips